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II Objectives and tasks of ASI

Article 3

ASI fights for:
  • the society of the free and equal-in-rights individuals organized into the free and equal-in-rights communities;
  • the economically and organizationally effective and rational society;
  • the society of equal rights, social justice and economic equality;
  • the proceedings of the socialization of economy in the interest of working men and women, as well as for the establishment of the concept of self-managed social order;
  • the redistribution of social product for the benefit of the society and the working class;
  • the special protection of women, underage and elderly portions of population, and the general improvement of the working conditions;
  • the improvement of the material condition of the public- health services, education, social protection, culture, science and other segments of humanistic human activity;
  • unperturbed growth of the standard of living of the working class;
  • regular payment of salaries, pensions and all social allowances, until the overcoming of the social order based on the principles of commodity-money trade is fully achieved;
  • division of the union property;
  • abolition of the monopolies in the realm of information and the unleashed flow of information;
  • the freedom of union and political organizing;
  • the society living and developing in the harmonious relationship with planet Earth, society capable to regain gravely disturbed ecological equilibrium of the planet Earth.

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