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Anarchist Front of Turkey

evo stigao mi je email pa da prenesem, mislim da svi znaju engleski, a ako ima onih koji ne znaju, neka neko prevede za njih:

Hello Comrades!

We are happy to inform you that the Anarchist Front of Turkey has been found with its Manifesto, recently published in Turkish. Anarchist Front is devoted to be the union of revolutionary and communist-anarchists in Turkey. Our principles are as below:

-struggling against capitalism, power, authority, and all kind of oppression, exploitation and domination over human beings based on classes, sexuality, nationality, races, Etc.

-propagandizing anarchist ideals among the working class and people.

-participation actively to the class war, without ignoring the other ways of
struggle for liberation, as combine them in the "front".

-aiming the social revolution against global capitalism and the state.

-creating samples of the "free life" from today, while aiming and propagandizing a world and society without classes, borders and states in general.

-taking all the struggle in a revolutionary approach with organization rather than random or spontaneous actions.

-revolutionary solidarity with anarchist groups and federations regionally and internationally.

We are looking forward for creating further solidarity and communication with you to be able to struggle better against the global powers and build the anarchist life together. We would be happy if you could inform your network please about foundation of the Anarchist Front and put our contact information in your web-sites to make all the comrades reach us easier.

In solidarity,

Anarchist Front

"Black Flag" anarchistway(at)yahooDOTcom

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u: Uto 12 of Jun, 2007 [19:33 UTC] ocena: 0.00 čitanja: 18711

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Re: Anarchist Front of Turkey
u: Pet 15 of Jun, 2007 [19:05 UTC] ocena: 0.00
evo stigao mi je jos jedan email pa da prenesem, ko zeli neka im odgovori:

Dear Comrades from the Balkans!

We are anarchists from Turkey and believe that while the states of the Balkan
Peninsula always have had problems and fights among themselves, for working
classes and people of the Balkans another life is possible. In political sciences
"Balkanization" has got negative meanings such as division and fragmentation of a
region into hostile groups which are not open to cooperate with each other. If we,
anarchists of the Balkans give a new meaning to this word the today and future of
our region can be changed entirely. Then Balkanization could mean:

-mutual aid and solidarity,

-frendship between other cultures and peoples,

-societies where classes and exploitation are disappearing by the process of class

-individuals who are able to combine personal freedom and collective
responsibility for the liberation of all human beings,

-growing values of anti-sexism, anti-capitalism, anti-racism and communal life
against authorities, powers and all the dominants of global capitalism,

peace, social and environmental liberation,

-a region where fascism, chauvinism, discrimination or any kind of nationalism
mean only nonsence while a colourful union of peoples growing in which eeach
culture and each language is a treasure, rather than a reason to fight.

Yes, we can change the meaning of a word and Balkanization could be a synonym of
anarchy and anarchist ideals, social alternatives against capitalism. The way to
the union of working classes and peoples of the Balkans first passes by the union
of Balkan anarchists.

We invite all the anarchists from Balkan countries to communicate for organization
of the Balkan Anarchist Federation. If the anarchists from the Balkans could meet
each other for an active friendship and solidarity between the groups,
collectives, initiatives and other organizations, then we could be more
influencial over the fate of our region. For sure, the ruling classes and
dominants of the Balkans are promising nothing more than ethnical, religious and
national wars at all. Their way never drive us to peace, we have seen that.
Balkans' future could be changed only if we were able to spread our anarchist
ideals in the societies. To make people believe in our dreams, begins from our
believing to our own dreams and step forward to realize these dreams in real life.

We are looking forward to discuss on this suggestion, Balkan Anarchist Federation
with the comrades from Balkan countries.

In solidarity,

Anarchist Front

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