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Balkan anarchists against the war

We, the Balkan anarchists,

Who responded to the call of "Anti-authoritarian Movement SALONIKA 2003" and met in Thessaloniki on February 14-15, due to upcoming war in Iraq and summit of European Union in June 2003, considering both as part of the framework of the globalised capital, declare that:

We, who suffered wars in our recent history, either between States, among nations or attacks of NATO - like in the case of Yugoslavia, have many reasons, not only ideological but realistic ones also, to be against the war, which in the current period is prepared in Iraq by the dominators of the world.

We express our resistance. We are not with Bush or with Saddam. We are with the people who are suffering in the wars and under different regimes. We know very well that as long as the power exist so will the wars.

We are the anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist component of the world antiwar movement and we decided to express our common position and to organize mobilizations and manifestations against the war.

As anti-authoritarians and anarchists, part of the anti-globalisation movement, we declare that we will participate in the mobilizations against the summit of European Union that will be held on 20-22 of June 2003 in Thessaloniki and we invite all tendencies of anti-authoritarian and anarchist movement and their social allies to join us.

  • We will not become anyone's soldiers
  • Capitalism kills in war and in peace
  • Another war is possible: class war
  • The essential union of people will be made on the ruins of the States or never

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