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Financial help needed

for anarchist magazine from Serbia

Dear friends,

This is a solidarity call from Initiative for Anarcho-Syndicate, only organized anarchist, anarcho-syndicalist group from Serbia. Our group started publishing propaganda magazine, called "Direktna Akcija" ("Direct Action"), on first of May 2002. Since than we maintained regular, monthly, publishing of our magazine although we had a lot of financial problems. We are printing our magazine in 2000 copies, and costs of publishing are 310 Euros per issue, which is, when you have in mind that average pay in Serbia is less than 100 Euros, substantial amount of money for us. We are giving our magazine for free, because we think that it would be improper to sell it to the factory workers (which is where we are handing out most of DA's) who have pay which is much less than average pay here. Our magazine is ONLY monthly anarchist magazine in whole Ex-Yugoslavia region and is, thus, read in all Ex-Yugoslavia republics: 500 copies of our magazine are handed out to anarchists and activists in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia.

Subjects that we covered (and that are covered seriously for the first time in last 90 years here) in our magazine till now are: anarcho-syndicalism, general strike, sabotage, history of the first of May, economical globalisation, abolition of alienated work, self-management, total conscience objection etc. It is important to say that we are getting GREAT response from people who are reading DA.

First issue of our magazine was financially helped by some of anarchist and anarcho-syndicalist groups around the world - and we are very grateful to them for that, but since than all of our finances are covered by donations of our members. Now we are in the situation that some of our members have to sell some of their belongings to maintain magazine publishing every month. Because of that we would like to ask anarchists, anarcho-syndicalist and revolutionary-syndicalist groups and individuals around the world, who are able to do so, to help us financially. For any details on ways to send us money please contact editorial collective of our magazine. We think that it is of utmost importance for whole anarchist movement in Ex-Yugoslavia to maintain publishing of DA, and we hope that some of you could help us with that!

Best anarchist greetings!

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