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Neo-Nazi and fascist attack on IAS members in 2 cities

22 July 2002

Today two attacks by Neo-Nazis and fascists on members of Initiative for Anarcho-Syndicate in two different cities of Serbia have accrued.

First one happened in city of Šabac where our local group was recently formed. Two of our members were attacked by Neo-Nazi skinhead without any apparent reason. Of course our members defended themselves and skinhead was thrown from top of a bridge, and most probably his life is now in danger.

Second attack happened just several hours later in city of Novi Sad. Serbian fascist organization called "Obraz" was sticking their posters all over the city. Two of our members from Novi Sad local group were destroying the posters when three members of "Obraz" appeared. After some verbal fighting one of fascists had hit one of our members in the back. Again our members responded and head and arm of the attacker is now broken, two other fascists had run away and our members even called the ambulance to help heavily wounded fascist.

This two examples show that rise of extreme right in Serbia is not an "illusion" and "nonsense" as many of the media here are trying to present. Fascist and Nazis are raving out here and we have to be ready for a fight with them in every moment!

Long live class war!

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