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Following press release by Initiative for Anarcho-Syndicate (IAS), anarcho-syndicalist organization from Serbia, was sent to the media as a comment to failed presidential elections. Elections in Serbia have failed because there was not enough people participating. Several weeks ago IAS started anti-election campaign all over Serbia.


Initiative for Anarcho-Syndicate (IAS) is greeting all the workers who saw through hypocrisy and artificiality of the system and refused to participate in spectacle which is called "elections".

For centuries now, our masters are teaching us about obedience and fulfilling of our "duties" which they impose upon us; our "citizen duty" should enable them to legitimize robbery of fruits of our work. Sure, there are those who boycotted elections for other reasons, but it is oblivious that huge amount of people is disappointed by politics which is placed upon us as only possible. Nationalists, liberals, two sides of the same coin: failure of the elections is a clear message. We don't want lies, we don't want hypocrisy and promises for buying cheap opportunist political points.

Future forcing of elections would mean that the will of the workers is not respected, workers which clearly said that they don't want to be part of spectacle, workers who recognized that offered choice is not a choice at all, because all we can chose from is evil. While capitalist economy is destroying and killing all that is humane in us, while State is locking us up, beating us, marginalizing us, subordinate and punishing us, while it is protecting interests of capitalists - there can be no talks about reforms of the system. System must be destroyed, and all protagonists of that system of injustice must face punishments for enabling and forcing of inhumane economy and nationalism. It is all the same for us, if they offer this or that person for the position of "president", "representative" or "expert": they are all servants of the system which we want to destroy, and least that we can do is to refuse to vote.

What about nonexistent and low pays? What about those workers who have been fired and locked out? We are not going to fall for political games and elections - we saw through that game and we are refusing to wait in line like slaves and servants. We showed what we think - and local politicians can like it or not - don't play with our will and lives: we refused to vote, but that is only the first step. It is not boycott of some political parties - it is boycott of whole, sick, artificial system!

You can call, once again, new elections, and refuse to notice that we already said "no" twice, but be sure that your time is gone. We are going to tear and throw to fire all parties, politicians and capitalists. Our time is coming!

Death to the State and capitalism!

Long live Liberty!

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Napravio: rata zadnja izmena: Subota 11. February 2006. [22:59:03 UTC] od rata

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