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Statement concerning

recent outburst of violence in Kosovo

Events, taking place in Kosovo and Serbia, that we have witnessed in the recent period are clearly showing lack of power of State and it's religion - the nationalism. Argument used as an excuse for wars in Balkan region by the bourgeoisies much too often, that old medicine for an empty stomach, nationalism, has disappeared as an empty balloon and is not capable of mobilizing the masses any more. That is the reason why, on the streets of the biggest city in the ex-Yugoslavian region, we saw not more than 10 thousand people, mainly god-fearing losers, confused youth, reactionary students and drunken football hooligans.

Recent clashes, initiated by Kosovo, and happily accepted by Serbian bourgeoisie, had for their goal only moving of the public focus from social questions, questions only relevant for workers and peasants; this is precisely why it is possible to say that two ruling cliques have been working in full cooperation. So called "national question", whatever that unclear stale term means, decorated it's great fall to the historical dump with fitting decoration - burnings and barbarian raging. On both, only superficially confronted, sides. Also, there is no doubt that different secret services have their hands in recent developing, because the fact that with national tensions on the local level it is easier to maintain global capitalist dictatorship. These events were used as a time out for bourgeoisies who are finding themselves under, every day stronger, pressure of the right-less, hungry and angry people. The continuation of social clashes will without the doubt, on both sides, produce movement of revolutionary workers and peasants which will be able to isolate real enemies - bosses and politicians, and will through revolutionary process create different social system. Society of libertarian communism, society of politics and democracy without political parties and politicians, society of solidarity, equality and self-fulfilling - Anarchy. Because, utopia is not something that can not be achieved - it is something that has not yet been achieved.

Regardless of all machinations of the ruling classes in this area - in which special part is played by the Serbian oligarchy, manipulating with kids and condemning attacks on mosques, attacks which were triggered because of Serbian oligarchy's chauvinist politics - the workers understood the real nature of recent events and didn't support war callers. Because workers kids, who can only dream about the new shoes or tree meals a day, are much more important than weeping over burnt symbols of medieval darkness. After coffee without caffeine, sweaters without sugar, in our home made production this sad comedy of capitalist society is being continued. Primitive Serbian bourgeoisie is, this time, trying to sell us concept of nationalism without the violence. And thus taking away the essential bit of nationalist idea. That farce should pass by us, exploited, unnoted if for it's result it wouldn't have scarifying of the Kosovo population to Kosovo myth.

Organized criminal group, canonically unrecognized Serbian orthodox church, organisation whose leadership is decorating and blessing gatherings of Serbian bosses/thieves, organisation who does exist only to make existence of government and exploitation easier, organisation which is, in our, modern time, continuing the practice of tribe shamans and other charlatans, confronted with the reason, along the lines of their politics of looking at a dead animals stomachs, managed to get out of this tragedy again with good profit. Using the suffering of people from Kosovo, that found themselves in the middle between interests of Serbian and Kosovo bourgeoisie, the priest got State support - and now from the money that is looted from the workers by the State one part is going to be used for feeding of church gang in Kosovo.

Those who were government until recently, liberal-fascist from different parties which are respecting the cult of the eliminated criminal Zoran Djindjic, using the tragedy that they are guilty of too, are trying to get support from the population for their concept of transitional fascism by betting on, to everybody except the bourgeoisie oblivious, dead hors of nationalism. To be true we have to say that they are doing it in one, if it
is anyhow possible, more bizarre way. They are pushing forward, as "national interest", need of fastened integration in instruments of totalitarian capitalist dictatorship - NATO and other military superstructures. The very same NATO who was, couple of years ago, bombarding the workers and peasants in our region. The very same NATO whose key State - SAD - is excluded from the list of States that are sued for the bombing during the rule of war criminal, American spy and anti-worker manipulator Slobodan Milošević.

Government of Serbia, understanding that right-wing concept of centralization can only distance solution of clashes in Kosovo started moaning for the decentralization of Kosovo. But, this time too they don't have the power, will and interest to solve this problem to the end - decentralization that they are talking about will for its end have only creation of smaller national communities - again based on hierarchical, para-State, principals. That kind of decentralization will not enable real freedom for population in Kosovo. There is a need to go to the end with the decentralization if we are into opening the doors of freedom. Balkan confederation - confederation of different geographical structures - from municipal to confederation of Balkan regions - is the only long lasting solution for clashes and bloody Balkan history, and only that kind of structure, based on direct-democratically governing from below, will guaranty the future for peasants and workers of Balkan.

Radical liberals, nongovernmental organisation and para-libertarian organizations started their pale, dumb and stupid pacifistic campaign for bourgeoisie peace. Peace, peace, they are screaming like crows. Peace they say, while not understanding that the peace is only achievable by war. Class war, which will destroy those ones who are exploiting, terrorizing and dehumanizing whole world population. Those ones who are in power and who are looting and tyrannizing the workers and peasants everywhere, in Serbia, and in Kosovo, and in Albania, and in USA, and in Britain, and in France, and in Spain, and in China, and in Cuba, and in Germany, and in Australia, and in Nigeria, and in Brazil, and in Mexico, and in all other countries in the world.

There is a need for a war that will, this time for real, end all wars.

There is a need for global libertarian revolution!



In Novi Sad/Belgrade,
1st of April, 2004.

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