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According to the announcement that was broadcasted by the majority of the media the American military experts performed testing of the world largest bomb, bomb weighing nine and a half tons.

Prime minister of the one of the marginal satellite-states of EU and NATO, also one of the most vigorous exponents of the entering of Serbia and Montenegro state in to the bosom of this organizations, renowned by his close ties with several criminal gangs - relations indispensable for seizure and perpetrating of each and every form of power - was shot dead today in Belgrade.

If Zoran Djindjic had been murdered by the infuriated working class, conscious of the genuine target and root of its discontent, his death would be, perhaps, remembered as substantial in the history of the human civilization. He would join club of the notorious: Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI or tsar Nikolai II the Romanov.

Zoran Djindjic, the criminal, was killed by other criminals. This clash is not ours. It is a clash between those who hold the power and governance for more power and broader governance. Honest people, which are, in circumstances like these predestined for the role of helpless subjects and voyeurs, were never in possession of either.

To remain vigilant in the moment such as the present one is of the outmost importance.The consequences which this event will impose upon us, the exploited of the Serbia, shouldn't confuse us in the slightest manner. The so-called reforms will proceed, the thousands of people will be laid off and their lives will continue to be shoved under the carpet of the privatization. Hackman which will be soon appointed will go on down the shining path of his predecessors. The small amount of freedom which was gained during fifth of October rebellion will be taken away. With anguish we are expecting forthcoming encounters with the forces of the law.

The state of the "extraordinary precaution" imposed by the state as well as frightening statement of the ministry of labor which is crushing one of the basic human rights, right to union organizing and the right to strike, serves as the best confirmation of our worst fears. This state will surely be used as a pretence for fight with all of the dissident voices and attempts of organizing resistance.

Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative appeal to the exploited in Serbia to organize themselves in to strong revolutionary organizations in order to get rid of the essential problems once and for all: economical system of exploitation - Capitalism and hierarchised social organization - the State. Only than will the words freedom, equality and solidarity gain their proper sense again.

Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative refuses the orders of the ministry of labor, continues with its habitual actions by all possible means and expresses the solidarity with all those who are not willing to scarifies their class goals to the death of a mobster.

Different war is possible: the class war

In Belgrade
12. March 2003.

Secretariat of Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative

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