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Terrorism: the bogyman of XXI century

Public announcement made by anarchist and anarcho-syndicalist organizations and groups from ex-Yugoslavian region

Events that have occurred on 11th September 2001 marked the beginning of a new era, fulfilled with State repression worldwide. Using the al-kaida's (?) attack as an excuse, USA have begun the greatest retaliation against all those who momentary find themselves on the opposite positions facing intercessors of exploitation and totalitarian democracy. The interests of the ruling classes, not only USA but of other States as well, have finally got the opportunity to put all their enemies in one basket and kill them all with one hit. The interpretation of the term terrorism is now wrongly extending on activities of various anarchistic and anarcho-syndicalist organization and groups all over the world. That is why we, named below, raise our voices against all pogrom-like calls given by world "leaders and" "ours", domestic, bourgeois, who seeks the easiest way of satisfying their mafia bosses in "war against terrorism".

First of all it is necessary to define the term terrorism, term that is now being used without drawing a distinction, to express the activities of Islam terrorist organization, Greek and Italy state communists, as well as members of anarcho-syndicalist organizations and other libertarian organizations and groups; in spite of huge differences between mentioned groups and their totally opposite ideologies.

The only true definition of terrorism is the one that defines terrorism as an attack on civilian targets.

All those attacks which are carefully directed towards the structures of power, administration of USA, EU and NATO, as well as on the other hierarchic and authoritative structures within the society, under the presumption of wide support, can only be treated by definition of legitimate anti-fascists resistance. Considering the way of "handling" recently arrested persons suspected of co-operation with State-communist urban-guerrilla organization (17th November - Greece), we can draw the general principle of criminal proceedings - all members of "terrorist" organization are a priori condemned to life sentence wrapped with kafkian process. This one and other similar processes only corroborate the thesis that European Union along with its satellites, using USA model, is turning into super-State in which all left-wing organizations, placed outside the strictly controlled time-table, are brutally persecuted. Speaking on that behalf, we can find latest psychotic outburst of the Dutch Parliament proclaiming anarchistic squats as "terrorist nests".

Letter-bombs which are being sent to the EU bureaucrats by the phantom "anarchist" group from Italy (Informal Anarchist Federation - FAI) is another one in the line of badly planned police frame-ups which for its goal has total criminalization of our movement. It is important to know that no anarchist group - orientated towards that type of struggle - would ever jeopardize rest of the movement by accepting the name which is very similar to the public Italian anarchist federation - FAI. Also, it is important to underline that anarchist are not creating bombs which do not explode.

It is necessary, once and for all, to block those mouths - mouths capable only for throwing out lies and falsifications. Mouths that will find good (?) explanation for every, even the most brutal, aspect of violence conduct over freedom of individual or group of people by the State and capitalistic system. It will be hard to block those mouths - they represent platform of entire bourgeois world. Only the intensive and, unfortunately, violent action of wide masses of working people can shut those mouths of suffering and pain, and reinstate new world - the world of equality, freedom and solidarity - the Anarchy.

Only global revolution, carried out on anarchistic principles, can guarantee that terrorism will find the place that it deserves in human civilization - in junkyard of authorities ideas.

Anarcho-feminist action (Zagreb - Croatia)

Anarcho-syndicalist initiative (Serbia)

Anti-fascist action (Ljubljana - Slovenia)

Anti-fascist action (Zagreb - Croatia)

Anarchist collective "Slobodna Krajina" (Banjaluka - Bosnia and

Federation of internationalist anarchists (Serbia)

Rijeka anarchist initiative (Rijeka - Croatia)

Social-anarchist federation (Slovenia)

Subwar collective (Belgrade - Serbia)

Zadar anarchist front (Zadar - Croatia)

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Napravio: rata zadnja izmena: Subota 11. February 2006. [23:30:37 UTC] od rata

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